Quaker Oats – The Fire Inside

January 19, 2022
It’s a busy start to 2022 to us! Yet another commercial featuring one of our Goldilocks Kids. This time it’s Goldilocks Teen Zachary who got his first job within a month of joining the agency – how impressive is...
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Adorable Baby Model

January 18, 2022
We know how our babies love eating @ellaskitchenuk and how adorable does Goldilocks Baby Liya look modelling for the brand? #eatplaylove #ellaskitchen #ellaskitchenuk #baby #babymodel #childmodel #modelagency #goldilocks #goldilocksagency
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Eat, Play, Love with Ella’s Kitchen

January 17, 2022
Eat, Play, Love with @ellaskitchenuk and our Goldilocks Babies Felicity, Liya & Sammy! All the kiddies in this commercial are so cute and we are so proud that we have three of our very own in it! #ellaskitchen #ellaskitchenuk...
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